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Armonia at Home
Via Zoom in the safety & comfort of your living room!


Time Spain Time
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
10am 9am Yoga (Free) Qi Gong Meditation Yoga Qi Gong
11am 10am   Creative Photography  
11:30am 10:30am   Biodanza
12am 11am Energy Reading Shiatsu Vegetarian Cooking Vegetarian Cooking
5pm 4pm Creative Photography   Yoga Energy Reading Yoga Shiatsu
6pm 5pm Reflexology Reflexology
9pm 8pm Meditation Meditation



Class Payment
Sunday Morning Yoga
Click FREE for Class Codes
Yoga 5 
Qi Gong 3 €
Meditation 3 
Shiatsu 3 
Vegetarian Cooking 3 
Reflexology 3 
Creative Photography 3 
Energy Reading 10 €
Full Course Energy Reading 100 
Special Offer 6 x 3 classes for 15 €


Booking: after you click the BUY NOW Button ~ to pay and book ~ a confirmation email will be sent to you. You will need to confirm details of your chosen class(es) and date(s) and then registration (Meeting Codes) will be sent to you, if you do not receive confirmation, please contact us on: Yair Whatsapp: 0034 680 332169 or Email: yair@healing-retreats-spain.com

Sunday Morning Yoga: this is FREE for everyone!
You will need to contact us direct to request the Zoom Join Class details: yair@healing-retreats-spain.com

ZOOM: zoom is easy to set up and you can download zoom.us HERE and register with them, so the process is easy for joining any additional classes.
See you on the other side, enjoy!


click class title below for more info
Teacher Who for? How Long? Weekly Sessions Preparation Price

Yoga Class Yair All levels & Ages 1 hour 4 A Yoga mat, cushion & light blanket 5 €
Qi Gong Yair Everyone 45 mins 2 Comfy clothing. Free space (outdoors ideal) 3 €
Meditation Yair Everyone 30 mins 3 A quiet space. A comfy chair or place to lie. 3 €
Energy Reading Yair Everyone 1 hour 30 mins 2 A quiet space, comfy chair, cushion to lie. 10 € (100€)
10 x class course
Reflexology Ziza Individuals or
in pairs
45 mins 2 A bed or mattress, to easily reach partner’s feet (or own). Oil. 3 €
Shiatsu Yair In pairs. 45 mins 2 A bed or mattress, to easily reach partner’s body. 3 €
Vegetarian Cooking Ziza Everyone 45 mins 2 The ingredients required will be communicated before each class. 3 €
Biodanza  Ziza Everyone 40 mins  1  Space to move. Larger speaker (louder) if possible! 3 €
Creative Photography with Mobile Phone Ruth Everyone 45 mins  2 The materials required will be communicated before each class.

3 € (6€)



Contact Details:

Yair Whatsapp: 0034 680 332169
Email: yair@healing-retreats-spain.com