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Client Feedback
SKYPE One-to-One Consultation Sessions

Here is some feedback from Clients who have undertaken One-to-One Energy Healing Sessions, via Skype, with Yair


Helena: October 2018

“Yair’s Skype sessions have been very powerful for me. As Yair guides me skilfully through exploring and resolving an issue on Skype, I am able to take a more active role because of the online format. He encourages me to bring in my own intuition, inquire into these patterns alongside him and I receive important insights from my body. I leave our sessions feeling empowered around my health and well-being. And…all of this happens right here at my kitchen table! I love working with Yair on Skype and I highly recommend this format.”


Client: November 2018

“By Skype“, answered Yair in the car on my way to fly back home!

The work I have done with Yair while staying on their retreat centre, led me to discover a feeling I was not conscious of. A transformational experience which has calmed down a long-lasting fear. I was wondering how and with who, when back home, far from the powerful presence of Yair and Ziza and their beautiful environment, how to continue this so special exploration?

By Skype, Yair can establish a strong connection, adapt the work according to what he feels and what I say, guides me to feel and work on my energy balance, helps me to be more connected with the world.

After these sessions, I feel empowered and more able to mobilize my vital energy. This is particularly relevant to have these Skype sessions while being in the environment of my daily life.”