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SKYPE Clinic Consultations with Yair

Our SKYPE Consultations are designed:

  • for Yair’s current clients who would like to maintain their Mind Body system at an optimum balance.
  • for any client (new or old) who have heard about Yair`s Mind-Body style of work but can’t make it to his clinics in London or Spain.

The session normally follows a 5-Step Process. 

  1. About you. A short conversation to understand where you are currently in your life, followed by some information about your childhood and the relationships with your parents and siblings.
  2. Your energy. Yair observes your energy field: your aura, your energy centers (chakras), your energy lines (meridians), and the energy state of your internal organs.
  3. Decoding the energy image. The following part of the session is dedicated to understanding the energy image that your body radiates in order to relate it to your mental patterns and belief systems.
  4. Letting go. The fourth step involves a process of letting go of the old mental patterns and practicing new ways of maintaining a state of internal peace.
  5. Long Distance Acupuncture (LDA). Yair inserts acupuncture needles in to the relevant points on an Acupuncture model. During this step, the client usually relaxes while lying down.

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Important Information for Therapy Treatments over Skype Consultations:

  • Session time: 1 hour
  • Fee: 62 euros
  • Method of payment: PayPal or Bank Transfer (up to 1 day before the scheduled session)

If you would like to request an appointment for a SKYPE consultation with Yair, please click here.

Minimum computer system requirements for SKYPE consultation:

  • Broad band internet connection.
  • An account with SKYPE [ free, signup at http://wwww.skype.com ]
  • Good quality Web-cam video camera. The camera should be positioned in a way that you will be able to walk a bit away to give Yair a general view of your body.
  • If you have a sofa or a bed by the computer, that is perfect, since you can lie down as well, if needed.