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Gabriela Bordo and Santiago Castillo

Who are we?

AllinOne-YogArt believes we are one with all. AllinOne means everything is in you because you are everything. Through YogArt techniques we help you reach and connect to your inner healing power.

We bond the ancient wisdom of yoga with the modern techniques of performing arts to help us discover and express all the universe that is inside of each one of us.

This space was created with the desire to recover our ancestral wisdom and reconnect with the universal knowledge, awakening the collective consciousness that allows us to transform, heal and expand. We share different techniques to achieve that, such as Yoga, expressive arts, reiki and many more. Every method we use shares one special ingredient: Love.

Only through conscious Love we can live in harmony with our-selves and all beings.

Love us, love everything, just love.


Santiago Castillo

Santiago is a Yoga and Expressive Arts Coach.
He was born in Colombia and he has lived in Ecuador, Peru, Australia and, also in Italy.  He has a degree in Performing Arts and Literature and teaching Expressive Arts Dynamics.  Santiago has been a Yoga Instructor since 2011.  He has studied with three different teachers and his training programs were conducted in Peru and Australia, where he learned several styles; such as Swasthya, Hatha-vinyasa and Purna. In his journey, Santiago has deepened in the Tantric Philosophy.  Among his treatments he uses shamanic rituals, sound healing: with ancestral instruments and body expression.

Gabriela Bordo

Gabriela is an Alternative Therapies Healer. 
She was b
orn in Peru and she has lived in Argentina, Australia and Italy.  She is also a certified Reiki Healer and a Tarot Reader. As a Wiccan Practitioner and Sacerdote, Gabriela’s passion and knowledge is all about healing through the power of nature and the inner self.  In her treatments and healing rituals, she uses Aromatherapy, Crystal Therapy, Sacred Plants and the the wisdom of Astrology.