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Graduate Clinical Practise Course
Practical clinical application of energy reading diagnosis and treatment!

First Class = 8th October 2020
Final Class = 26th November 2020

8 Weekly Online Sessions
With Yair Sagy L.Ac

This course is open to our Graduate Students, who have completed both Foundation and Advanced level Courses, and who wish to continue with client clinical practise.
The overall aim is to ensure that graduates can practically demonstrate that they are meeting the ‘clinical practise accreditation criteria’.

Graduate Student Target Aim:
10 Written Case Study Energy Reading Treatments:
6 x Unsupervised written Client Case Studies
4 x Supervised written Client Case Studies with Yair 


This online Graduate Clinical Practise Course builds on all of the teachings from the Foundation and Advanced level courses.  It provides the opportunity for graduate students to focus solely, and practically, on undertaking full ‘clinical client treatments‘, providing all the necessary guidance and support.

The weekly practise is a combination of unsupervised and supervised practise, with written case study activity and, with an overarching aim, that all student graduates can demonstrate that they are meeting the ‘clinical practice accreditation criteria’.


Course Outcomes
At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Undertake a full practical and clinical client treatment that meets the course accreditation criteria
  • Support and treat your own clients in clinical practise.
  • Continue to further develop and practise your own diagnosis and treatment techniques to restore balance.
  • Continue to further develop and practise your own unique and intuitive way of working with energy; in your own clinical practise.

More Information on Energy Reading

The course Fee includes:

  • The 8 x Weekly 90 mins Sessions (see Agenda below for session content)
  • Supervised observation and feedback with Yair
  • Member of a Whatsapp Communication Group: focused on sharing clinical practice energy reading learnings

Course Agenda: 8 W
eekly sessions will cover the following:

  • Practical application of 4 x Supervised Energy Reading Case Study treatments; with Yair.
  • Opportunity for questions and answers; sharing experiences
  • Opportunity to receive 1-2-1 feedback and coaching from Yair



A safe payment method is PAYPAL (PayPal incurs 3.5% charge for transaction fees)
120.00 (8 week course)

Bank Transfer:

 Please contact us to receive our bank account details.

The full payment of 120€ is required to secure your place, this a non-refundable once the course commences, as the course is scheduled depending on numbers registered.

Cancellation Policy:
If you cancel less than 1 week before the course begins regretfully, we are unable to refund any amount and you will have to pay in full.




  • This course is mainly focused on undertaking practical supervised Case Study Energy Reading Client Treatments.
  • The practical Case Study Treatments must be written up and presented to Yair as part of the ‘accreditation’ in order to meet the Clinical Practise Course requirements
  • The course continues to be delivered in a practical, experiential and interactive format.
  • All sessions are facilitated via Zoom, at a set weekly time, and using the Zoom Clinic. Zoom code details will be provided.
  • It’s recommended for, at least, 15 mins before each session, you prepare your space and ‘state of being’ (prepare mentally and also in mind-body: by deep breaths/relaxed; to calm your system.


For participants who are in clinical practice or those who wish to integrate Energy Reading into their current practice, please Click Here for details of accreditation/certification of our courses.

ZOOM CLINIC: Please go to our Zoom Clinic (click here) to find out more details on how to undertake the required accreditation and undertake the ‘live’ Client Case Studies.


A Certificate
will be issued on course completion and when the required 10 written Case Studies have been completed to the required standard:
– 6 x written unsupervised
– 4 x supervised with Yair Sagy.

Yair Sagy will confirm and sign off graduate student competence.
A signed hard copy Certificate which will be sent by post to students who have achieved the required accreditation for this course.


If you haven’t read/viewed already, we highly recommend the following pre-reading and viewing:
All of these materials are available in either the Foundation or Advanced Course RESOURCES

CASE STUDY TEMPLATE: You need to be very familiar with the ‘Case Study Template’ and understand how this needs to be completed – please ask if you have any doubts: TEMPLATE Energy Reading Case Study

TREATMENT SESSION PROCEDURE: You need to fully understand and have already practised with the clinical treatment process.

TABLE OF IMBALANCES: You need to review and be very familiar with the ‘Table of Imbalances, possible meaning and treatment’.

UNSUPERVISED CASE STUDY TREATMENTS: ideally before and during the Graduate Course programme, the 4 unsupervised written Case Studies must be undertaken and completed.

GROUNDING MANUAL: Please refer to the ‘Grounding Manual‘ for ideas to centre yourself. Or ensure that you use your own methods to stay centred and grounded both before or after each practical class session.


Please do ‘shout out’ if you need any additional support.

To confirm your place and for any further information click here