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Practice Kapalbhati

Kapalbhati The fire breath!

Kapalbhati belongs to the Pranayama: the breathing section of Yoga practices!

The benefits of practising Kapalbhati are:

- Great cleansing and rejuvenation effect.
- Improves breathing by deeply oxygenating the lungs.
- Improves digestive fire.
- Promotes deep relaxation.
- Awaken Kundalini Shakti; the sacred spiritual power that lays dormant in the base of the spine. 


How to practice Kapalbhati: 

Sit straight on a cushion or a chair.
Loosen any tight clothing.

Close your eyes and make sure that your spine is erect (straight).
- Bring your awareness to your lower abdomen and pelvic floor.

Inhale naturally and while exhaling FORCEFULLY CONTRACT YOUR LOWER ABDOMEN AND PELVIC FLOOR to expel all the air out.  Then let the air come back in naturally and contract again.

Repeat this contraction, in a rhythmical way, as long as it feels comfortable for you.
- If you feel you need to pause, take a deep breath in, exhale deeply out and let your breath normalise.

Repeat the same procedure a few more times. 

- When you feel it is enough, stay focused, with closed eyes for a few minutes, observe the flow of 
energy within.

- It is advisable to conclude your practice with a few minutes of deep relaxation: lie on your back in 



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