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Retreat at Home

A unique opportunity to reconnect and heal in the sanctuary of your own home! 

A Retreat at Home is facilitated by Yair Sagy & Ziza Fernandes Sagy 

Anytime and anywhere! 

 A Retreat Programme that is designed to suit your individual needs
Transform your home into a sanctuary & change its whole energy 
Invite friends into the wonderful healing experience
Create a calm, safe and loving environment
Transformation, healing and growth
Reconnect with loved ones
Flexible and convenient

                                                We also offer FAMILY RETREATS at Home - click image for more  details


Retreat fees will be agreed on booking and are dependent on programme design and duration.

Travel Costs
Yair and Ziza are open and very flexible about where they facilitate a Retreat at Home.
All travel and accommodation costs will be met by the client and agreed at time of booking.

Amazing Vegetarian Food prepared daily, by Ziza, in your home
Morning Yoga Classes for strength and flexibility
Qi Gong to engage with your inner power
One Therapy Treatment per day for the main host and their partner
Time to relax and reflect in the sanctuary of your own home
Evening Meditation to enhance concentration and sleep
Various Healing Arts such as dance, nature walks, art therapy and creative movement
Invitation of loved ones and friends into the healing experience

Retreat dates are flexible but depend on Yair’s and Ziza’s availability.
In order to achieve maximum benefit, the retreat duration must be a minimum of 5 days.


A non-refundable deposit will be required to secure the booking.
Due to limited availability, bookings remain unconfirmed until a deposit has been received.

Accepted Payments
Bank Transfer or by Credit/Debit Card payments via Paypal are accepted.

For Bank Transfer payments we will advise you of our bank details.
For Credit/Debit Card payments we will send you a request from our PayPal account (PayPal has an additional service charge of 3.5%).

Full payment is required 6 weeks before your retreat begins.

If you book within 4 weeks of the start date, then full payment will be taken, to secure your place. 


Cancellation Policy:
If you cancel less than 4 weeks before your retreat begins regretfully, we are unable to refund any amount and you will have to pay in full.

THERAPY TREATMENTS to enhance healing and transformation
Therapy Treatments can be organised as part of your retreat.

Foot Reading (1.5 hours: 70 EUR)
Holistic Reflexology
(1 hour: 50 EUR)
Arvigo® Abdominal Massage: Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy 
(1st session 2 hrs: 90 EUR & 2nd session 1.5 hrs: 70 EUR)
Mind & Body Acupuncture and Chakra Balancing
(1st session 1.5 hours: 70 EUR and 2nd session 1 hour: 50 EUR)
(1 hour: 50 EUR)
Yoga Therapy
(1 hour: 50 EUR)
(1 hour: 50 EUR)
Holistic Facial Massage
(1 hour: 50 EUR)
Tibetan Bowls Massage
(1 hour: 50 EUR)Foot Reading (1.5 hours)


Accommodation for Ziza & Yair
To enhance the whole healing experience, gaining maximum benefit, it's important that wherever possible, Yair and Ziza can stay with the host in their home.

Nutritiously Prepared Vegetarian Food
As part of the retreat programme, Ziza will prepare, her nutritious, healing and vegetarian food.  Ziza will require access to the client's kitchen facilities.  Prior to retreat commencement, relevant food/cooking requirements will need to be confirmed and sourced.

An Adequate Peaceful Apace
A spacious and peaceful room/area, ideally within the home, must be available for Yoga & Qi Gong Sessions, and all the other Healing and Art Therapies that are included.

Your Home as a Sanctuary
Throughout the retreat duration, it's important that there are no distractions and a home close to, or in, nature would be advantageous.

Prior Arrangements
Clients will need to make time, prior to the retreat, to liaise with Yair and Ziza, to firm up all arrangements/practicalities and confirm programme requirements.

All clients (+ any additional guests) must be able to totally commit to the retreat programme schedule.  


Please Contact us to check availability, agree dates and book your Retreat at Home.

See also the details of our Retreat at Armonia Alpujarra and also our Yoga Holidays

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 To confirm a booking and for any further information click here

or use the following:

Yair and Ziza: tel. +34 680 332169

We are looking forward to facilitating your Retreat at Home.

Best Wishes

Ziza and Yair

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Yoga Nature Walks
8th - 12th March 2018
at Armonia Alpujarra - Spain 


2018-19 CALENDAR

 8th - 12th:

 29th – 2nd April:

 Yoga & Nature Walks
Armonia Alpujarra – Spain

 Yoga for the Soul
 Armonia Alpujarra - Spain 

 26th - 30th:

 Yoga & Nature Walks
Armonia Alpujarra – Spain

5th - 11th:

 24th - 27th:

 27th - 1st June FULL

 Healing Yoga Retreat
Armonia Alpujarra – Spain

 Yoga & Biodanza
Armonia Alpujarra – Spain

 6 Day Yoga Family Holiday
Armonia Alpujarra – Spain

28th - 2 July:

 Yoga for the Soul
Armonia Alpujarra – Spain

 22nd - 27th:

 6 Day Yoga Family Holiday
 Armonia Alpujarra – Spain

5th - 10th

 16th - 20th

 26th - 31st:

 6 Day Yoga Family Holiday
Armonia Alpujarra – Spain

 5 Day Yoga Family Holiday
 Armonia Alpujarra – Spain
 6 Day Yoga Family Holiday
 Armonia Alpujarra – Spain

 20th - 24th:

 5 DayYoga & Cooking
 Armonia Alpujarra – Spain

 1st - 5th:

 Yoga & Nature Walks
Armonia Alpujarra – Spain

 22nd - 27th:

 29th - 3rd Jan 2019

 Yoga Christmas Break
 Armonia Alpujarra - Spain

 Yoga for the New Year
 Armonia Alpujarra - Spain

 May 2019
 25th - 30th:

 6 Day Yoga Family Holiday
 Armonia Alpujarra – Spain

 Any DATE: 

 Personalized Retreats
 Armonia Alpujarra or At Home
 Your Family Retreat at Home

For general information:
Tel: 0034 680 332169


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