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For health and well-being

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“Yair and Ziza are two of the most nicest, kindest and most pure beings on this Earth. They are simply a tonic for the soul. So to be able to tune into their daily classes and connect with their energy is truly such a blessing!!!!
Never ever a moment wasted with you guys.
Thank you so so much with how you are and what you do.”

“Dear Yair,
Thank you very much for all that you are doing to create these online courses during these extraordinary times.
Your presence is illuminating.
I feel myself start to settle as soon as I hear your voice.
I love to hear your relaxed way of dealing with everything …From the technology to ?? anything else that seems to go ‘wrong’! ….

Letting us know… ‘It is.. As it is’
Welcome it All.
All is Well.
Come back to The Body. The Awareness. The Breath.

Thank You very much Yair, I always learn something new with you.
I’m looking forward to coming to see you and Ziza in Spain!
Kind Regards


“I have been very much enjoying Yoga with Yair over the last few weeks. He is such a kind and caring soul and brings a wonderful peacefulness and calm to his lovely practice which offers a welcome and nourishing way to look after oneself – physically and mentally, especially during this time of uncertainty.

I feel so much better on all levels during and after his sessions.

The live online sessions are a total bonus as it’s lovely to connect with Yair and others and share the experience together as it’s happening rather than just watching a recorded session.

Thank you very much Yair!”
Melissa (UK)

On-line Client:
“I have been attending my own ‘retreat’ in the comfort of my own home.  Yair’s sessions of Qi Gong, Meditation and Yoga, have been part of the journey for healing and transformation… and allowed me to go deep into places that I have never been to. 

It is an honour to be under the guidance of Yair and the Armonia Alpujarra Team.  It is a surreal experience attending a retreat online and one I highly suggest!”


“Yair and Ziza’s on-line classes have been an absolute life-line for me in this strange period of isolation. I regularly tune in for Yair’s restorative and strengthening yoga classes that make me feel strong and able to take on anything.

I also join the meditation class on Friday nights where people from all over the world join Yair for his powerful and deeply loving meditation class.

I can’t recommend these classes highly enough.
Thank you Yair and Ziza so very much”.
Patti Clark, London


“Yair’s qi gong classes are wonderful and the highlight of my Saturdays – I thoroughly enjoy the class and feel energized, calm and clear afterwards. I am a yoga teacher myself and have taken so many classes – Yair’s classes are really very special.

He has a beautiful vibrant energy and his passion for qi gong and healing shines through. 
Highly recommend this class to everyone”.

Dear Yair,
An expression of my gratitude
“Over the years, my faith and trust in Yair’s sensitivity, knowledge and ability has grown through the amazing experience of his treatments. So you can imagine how delighted I was to be able to join his meditation and yoga sessions during this time of crisis [ danger and opportunity]. 

The yoga, through the Qi Gong and the different bodily movements open up the possibility of releasing blockages, enlivening and inspiring heartfelt energy, connecting to one’s self and to the community of other participants.
The meditation, a time of repose and acceptance, and hopefully renewal.

great gratitude,
with love”