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September 2020: Advanced Energy Reading Course
I went into this course without too many expectations. It was interesting to “re-learn” in fact a “new language”. Energy FEELING instead of reading. Things you “know” are set in a context to understand.
The timing was “perfect”, so to speak, schedule/covid wise. I was amazed by the communication and feeling at a distance. To understand it with mind is so different than experiencing it. Also, the meditation and infinity experience is very enriching.
On a certain point in the advanced you need to start working and trying “cases”, this step I find (still) difficult to take.  I don’t know if this is something that can be guided more closely. Or that it is within me to take that jump.  But I also feel this takes some time. I already see that I take my experiences out there and talk and try out things with people who are open for it.
Maybe it would be nice to receive a pdf with all the information/footage what was shown.
The energy reading classes were very grounding and suiting for my nervous system.
As soon as I sat down and we landed in class, all things fall into place. It still gives me a solid ground now and I can definitely use the tools that were given.
Yair guides us with so much love into a safe environment of infinity.
I loved how the group became a nice beautiful solid system almost.
Very strong and light at the same time.
I loved the online learning and every week I looked forward to the next class!
Life is so beautiful! You will learn to be where it is most needed, with awareness and energy will start to flow. ENJOY!

September 2020: Advanced Energy Reading Course
I loved the immersion in the experience of learning about energy. I liked the way each person is validated and what works for some people may not work for all. There was a very warm and generous and kind base for each class which was very welcoming.

Online learning was good. I would like more copies of some of the material. I guess I can print from website.
The acceptance of where I was at, was ok. Then encouragement and opportunity to work with Patricia and Olga when I really felt lost, went well.
I do not like sharing personal material when it is recorded. I then do not know where the material will be shared and feel it crosses boundaries.
I like the idea of a further course to practice and integrate more as I do not feel ready to work with others.


September 2020: Energy Reading Advanced Course
This course fully met my expectations. Having experienced the foundation course, it was great to be able to carry on with our learning. Yair is a wonderful teacher and it was a pleasure to learn through his guidance.  I enjoyed the experience of doing the course on-line. I think it lent itself very well to the way the lessons evolved, especially being able to be online with a wonderful group of people every week from all over the world.
I really enjoyed the group experience. From doing the foundation course, it was very special to build up a relationship with the group from week to week and then to be able to carry that on with the advanced course was wonderful.
Yair’s meditations were very special and I also enjoyed it when we did some qi gong at the beginning of some of our lessons, it was a lovely grounding way to start the lesson.
I am not a fan of the Community Energy WhatsApp group that was created. I love the individual groups that we have for our courses but personally I do not like to be part of such a big WhatsApp group.
I really like the manual and resources that put together. It is very helpful to have such resources to be able to go back to and use our own findings to reflect upon with the information given. Wishing you all the best Alexis.


September 2020: Energy Reading Advanced Course
The course met my expectations. We received a lot of useful information and learned a lot. I liked, very much, the guided meditations given by Yair and his responses to our questions.
Working online went surprisingly well. The group was very diverse and the ambience was very positive.
I can certainly recommend the course!


July 2020: Energy Reading and Qi Gong
With the Energy Reading Courses I have to tell you how interesting and alive my clinical practice is becoming since working with you.

With my personal development I feel like I’m going through a huge spiritual acceleration.
Also, I learn something every time from the Qi Gong classes.  My visualisation is improving and my understanding of the meridians.  These classes are part of my journey. 
Much gratitude!


March to July 2020: Energy Reading Foundation & Advanced Course:
My expectations and much more were met. The online experience was nice, very interesting and new for me. Yair’s way to create connection, read the group and offer knowledge is very impressive. I think for me the meditations and the knowledge of energy has made me more balanced and healthy … it will help me in the future to handle situations in my life.  This wisdom has helped me to understand myself, my roots and other people better.
Thank you, thank you! lots of love happiness and joy!


July 2020: Energy Reading Foundation Course:

I did not have any specific expectations for this course but I jumped in after seeing the announcement in an Osteopathic FB group message. I just felt it was going to bring me something or somewhere and it brought a deeper understanding of how energy reading works and a lot of joy. I looked forward to the meeting every week, me-time, play-time!
Learning online was fantastic, easy, no waste of time in travelling, perfect! I liked the zoom rooms as well, perfect for practise.
I liked the meditations, the insight of how energy reading works, learning about meridians and the aura. I appreciated the 30 min private session as well, just to make sure you are on track. Personally, I can use some more affirmation about reading the aura’s, hearing what Yair sees so I can keep up and build a reference frame for my seeing.


July 2020: Evening Meditation 26 July
Morning Yair, that was the best sleep I’ve had in weeks thanks to your meditation. Feeling so much more centred on waking….as you promised…
Your voice and guided session was just perfect.
Thanks so much!


July 2020 ~ Energy Reading Foundation Course:
I particularly liked the fluid classes but there was direction and the concepts were covered. It was nice to have the two classes run concurrently to get other’s views on the same concept; liked the mix of Qi Gong and Meridian massage together with the other.
Looking forward to the Advanced course and trying to put it into practise what I have learnt so far with my patients / life in general.
Also, a big thank you to Yair and Karen for great organisation and a wonderful, engaging and informative course!


July 2020 ~ Energy Reading Foundation Course:
I started the course with no particular expectations and I have ended it with new knowledge and platform to live my life.
Learning how to read energy has infiltrated into every aspect of my life in the most positive way. It has helped harmonise my relationships with others and also myself.
I feel like Yair has helped me harness a huge power and potential that I didn’t know I have and I can’t wait to start the Advanced course!


“This is a recommendation for the Energy Foundation Course with Yair, and also for the Sunday morning Yoga & Energy Movement class.
I have been receiving energy treatments from Yair over a number of years during his visits to London. I enjoyed and trusted his gentle presence and encouragement for me to (re)connect to my body, and to begin to understand the energy fields within and external to my own body.
In early February 2020 I contacted him for a private one-to-one session. I was ‘struggling’ and exhausted, having been caring for my mum with severe dementia over the past 5 years.
That one-to-one exchange was a turning point.
I became aware of my ability to revive myself through my/our connection to infinity. We can all do this. We are Infinity. I knew this instinctively. As we all do.
This deep knowing required a supportive and encouraging learning environment, to be able to come to the surface.
To know myself again ‘as if for the first time’.
Throughout the lock down time March April May June and now into July, I have attended the beautiful Sunday Yoga-Energy Movement sessions with Yair, alongside the Energy Reading Foundation Course.
Feeling the embodiment of energy-in-movement, compliments the energy reading foundation course very well.
Yair has a great gift of firm and gentle precision. Encouraging you to become aware of the structure of your skeleton, the lengthening of your limbs, your soft tissues, your whole body, moving -with-in -energy.
Through the Energy Reading Group classes and Home Practice, also sharing within the group, and the gentle encouragement of Yair – to trust myself – and to become ‘aware of my awareness’ – I feel I have grown immensely in my confidence to understand that which I already am. That which we already are.
Maybe this doesn’t ‘make sense’ to you, reading this now? Maybe it does! If you are curious and what to know more, about how to support and invigorate yourself through your understanding of Energy, which will help you and the people you love to fully Live, and to be able to meet the challenges of life in a different way, then I encourage you to ‘have a go’! To join this new Energy Reading Foundation group.
You will gain an understanding of the embodied being and the infinite being that you are. You will have a wonderful adventure.
Much Love to All”
Catherine (July 2020)


“Yair and Ziza are two of the most nicest, kindest and most pure beings on this Earth. They are simply a tonic for the soul. So to be able to tune into their daily classes and connect with their energy is truly such a blessing!!!!
Never ever a moment wasted with you guys.
Thank you so so much with how you are and what you do.”


“Dear Yair,
Thank you very much for all that you are doing to create these online courses during these extraordinary times.
Your presence is illuminating.
I feel myself start to settle as soon as I hear your voice.
I love to hear your relaxed way of dealing with everything …
From the technology to ?? anything else that seems to go ‘wrong’! ….
Letting us know… ‘It is.. As it is’  … Welcome it All.  All is Well.  Come back to The Body. The Awareness. The Breath.
Thank You very much Yair, I always learn something new with you.
I’m looking forward to coming to see you and Ziza in Spain!
Kind Regards, Catherine”


“I have been very much enjoying Yoga with Yair over the last few weeks. He is such a kind and caring soul and brings a wonderful peacefulness and calm to his lovely practice which offers a welcome and nourishing way to look after oneself – physically and mentally, especially during this time of uncertainty.
I feel so much better on all levels during and after his sessions.
The live online sessions are a total bonus as it’s lovely to connect with Yair and others and share the experience together as it’s happening rather than just watching a recorded session.
Thank you very much Yair!”
Melissa (UK)

On-line Client:
“I have been attending my own ‘retreat’ in the comfort of my own home.  Yair’s sessions of Qi Gong, Meditation and Yoga, have been part of the journey for healing and transformation… and allowed me to go deep into places that I have never been to.
It is an honour to be under the guidance of Yair and the Armonia Alpujarra Team.  It is a surreal experience attending a retreat online and one I highly suggest!”


“Yair and Ziza’s on-line classes have been an absolute life-line for me in this strange period of isolation. I regularly tune in for Yair’s restorative and strengthening yoga classes that make me feel strong and able to take on anything.
I also join the meditation class on Friday nights where people from all over the world join Yair for his powerful and deeply loving meditation class.
I can’t recommend these classes highly enough.
Thank you Yair and Ziza so very much”.
Patti Clark, London


“Yair’s qi gong classes are wonderful and the highlight of my Saturdays – I thoroughly enjoy the class and feel energized, calm and clear afterwards. I am a yoga teacher myself and have taken so many classes – Yair’s classes are really very special.

He has a beautiful vibrant energy and his passion for qi gong and healing shines through. 
Highly recommend this class to everyone”.

Dear Yair,
An expression of my gratitude
“Over the years, my faith and trust in Yair’s sensitivity, knowledge and ability has grown through the amazing experience of his treatments. So you can imagine how delighted I was to be able to join his meditation and yoga sessions during this time of crisis [danger and opportunity]. 

The yoga, through the Qi Gong and the different bodily movements open up the possibility of releasing blockages, enlivening and inspiring heartfelt energy, connecting to one’s self and to the community of other participants.
The meditation, a time of repose and acceptance, and hopefully renewal.
great gratitude, with love”