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Online Energy Reading
Foundation Course

Powerful tool for diagnosis and treatment

Date of First Class Date of Final Class
CURRENT COURSE Tuesday 1st December 2020 Tuesday 2nd February 2021
NEXT COURSE Tuesday 2nd March 2021 Tuesday 4th May 2021

Class Time: 17:00 (UK) and 18:00 (Spain)
10 Weekly Online Sessions

With Yair Sagy L.Ac

This course is open to anyone interested in Energy Reading.
It’s an interactive, practical and ‘experiential’ course.

The aim is to introduce Energy Reading methods and tools.
You will discover, nurture and support your own personal energy reading abilities.
The essence of the work is BEING, learning to be a mirror and applying it in a therapeutic way, to yourself and to others.

The course is accredited but participants can attend (own interest / self healing) with no certification.

Our Energy Reading Students

Full Course Programme DETAILS click here

This online Energy Reading Foundation Course will teach you to be in direct and dynamic contact with your own energy field (and others).  Being able to observe immediate changes in the energetic state of your/others chakras, aura and meridians: as well as other physical structures like skeletal, soft tissues and internal organs.

If you work with clients, energy reading is a valuable tool in diagnosing imbalances and constructing a treatment plan; as well as supporting healing.


Course Outcomes
At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • See the energy field of others (human, geographical sites like mountains, and plants).
  • Understand how the mind body interaction contributes to emotional-physical imbalance.
  • Identify and learn clinical applications of energy reading.
  • Work with and understand the anatomy of the human energy system.
  • Identify the cause and learn to release energy blockages both in yourself, and in your clients.
  • Discover your own unique and intuitive way of working with energy.


This includes:

  • The 10 x Weekly 90 min Sessions (for session content see Course Agenda below)
  • A Private 30 min Consultation session, with Yair.
  • Whatsapp Communication Group participation
  • Practical weekly mini-assignments; which are set to practise and reinforce learning

Course Agenda: 
10 weekly sessions cover the following:

  • Developing the ability to see and feel energy.
  • The theory and practical experience of the Mind-Body interaction.
  • A focus on the anatomy of the human energy system (Chakras, Aura and Meridians).
  • Identifying and releasing blocked energy in oneself.
  • Understanding how to translate the energy image we perceive to the psychological (mental – emotional) state of your client.
  • Recognising imbalances in the meridian flow.
  • Diagnosing imbalances through changes in breathing patterns.
  • Learning to see energy exchanges between people and in nature.




A safe payment method 
(PayPal incurs 3.5% charge for transaction fees)

10 Sessions 150€
DISCOUNT REPEAT 10% off 135€
Certificate by post  5€

Bank Transfer:

 Please contact us to receive our bank account details.

The full payment of 150€ is required to secure your place, this a non-refundable once the course commences.
Full payment is required 1 week before the course begins.

Cancellation Policy:
If you cancel less than 1 week before the course begins regretfully, we are unable to refund any amount and you will have to pay in full.



  • The sessions are taught in a relaxed, fun and dynamic way with a lot of awareness to the group’s energy, which constantly changes… like life itself.
  • This course is also delivered in a practical, experiential and interactive format.
  • All sessions are facilitated via Zoom at a set weekly time and Zoom code details will be provided.
  • It’s recommended for, at least, 15 mins before each session, you prepare your space and ‘state of being’ (allowing you to prepare mentally and in mind-body) deep breathing and relaxing to calm your system.
  • Because the sessions are practical, you will be working with fellow students.
  • Incorporated within the sessions are meditation, guided visualization, nature observation, breathing techniques, Qi Gong and creative dance.
  • There will be experiential ‘mini assignments’ set in between sessions, to continue the learning and integrate the theory into practice.

Click here for details of accreditation and certification of courses.

A Certificate
will be issued once the accreditation criteria has been met (if a student wishes to be accredited at foundation level).
Yair Sagy will confirm and sign off student competence.

There are 2 types of Certificates at foundation level:
1. A FREE emailed version 
2. A signed hard copy Certificate which will be sent by post to students who have achieved accreditation – this has an additional fee of 5€ (see payment button above)

We recommended the following pre-reading and viewing:
BOOK: Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing. By Caroline Myss, Ph.D
BOOK: The Web That Has No Weaver: Understanding Chinese Medicine by Ted J. Kaptchuk
VIDEO: Mooji teaching (Adveita non duality)
VIDEO: Anil Seth (on TED): How your Brain Hallucinates your conscious reality
VIDEO: Sadhguru at Harvard Medical School, Memory, Consciouness & Coma
APP: Download the App TSUBOOK to support Meridian knowledge, at: https://tsubook.page.link/PgNN

You can also check out our RESOURCES Page CLICK HERE

To confirm your place and for any further information click here

or use the following:

Yair: yair@healing-retreats-spain.com tel. +34 680 332169      

We are looking forward to your participation on our unique Energy Reading Course.
With lots of love and best wishes,
Ziza and Yair