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Santiago and Gabriela combine the ancient wisdom of Yoga with modern performing Art techniques and offer the following Healing Yoga Retreats at Armonia Alpujarra:

Yoga & Healing-Comedy Retreats
11th – 16th May 2019
12th – 17th June 2019
5th – 10th July 2019
Family Yoga & Healing-Comedy Retreat
18th – 23rd May 2019
22nd – 27th June 2019
15th – 20th July 2019

The power of transformation is in your Inner Child

In our logical and modern society the above statement might not be accepted. Our society is designed to keep that kid, asleep, as much as possible.  Generally, we start school at an early age (5 years) and we start to focus on developing our ability to reason, because with it, we can be productive.  So, after finishing school many of us might continue on to College, University (Masters,  or P.H.D…).  Later, when we finally finish studying, it is time to work and apply what we’ve learned and to show ourselves – and mainly society – that we are an independent and productive human being.  Leaving our playful and awakened inner child, just for countless moments of recess.

Our life is constantly asking for more moments to take pauses, to relax and heal.  Within each of us, our inner child just wants to wake up.  Even more, our inner child wants to be heard 24/7.  It wants to change the way how we act and react to every situation, or even better, it wants us to ‘not-react’.  It wants to make us play the most serious and joyful game, the game of life.  There is where Yoga, Comedy and Healing appears to lend us a hand… so we can bring back that kid and raise the voice within our hearts. 

The immediate question might be… what does comedy have in common with Yoga and Healing therapies?

The main ingredient that all these bring together is awareness.  Yoga, healing therapies and comedy techniques, such as improve, clown, expressive arts, will definitely lead us to open our awareness and will allow ourselves to be fully present. Only through being completely present can we truly heal.

On one hand, Yoga and Healing therapies bring us ancient wisdom and practical techniques to connect us to our body and breath. In that way we begin our journey to absorb all the infinite sensations that our inner self creates 24/7 to communicate with itself.  These sensations transform into valuable non-logic information, that is always available, and that’s ready to guide through the road of life.

On the other hand, we bring Comedy to the table.  Comedy is the special sweet ingredient that will make us enjoy everything that we are discovering from ourselves.  When we enter into a playful state, any kind of judgement disappears from our minds and instead it reveals pure joy. Joy of being present and connected to the moment.  In this ludic space, our mind is relaxed and turns off any kind of fear alarms, it constantly creates.  For that reason, we can hear our heart, body, soul (all is one) expressing itself, without pressure, blame nor shame.

That’s how we bring back to life that inner joyful kid that has always been there guiding the heart.  The only difference is that now you are listening, present and awake.  As an instant result all the past fears and judgements transform into a game, a serious joyful game were being present has never been so much fun.  No particular objective rather than allowing yourself to be fully in the here and now.  No past, no future, the inner child transform everything into one, connecting you to the joyful eternal present.