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Energy and Foot Reading Retreats.  
We were so delighted to meet and help each of the clients in the stories below.

Energy and Foot Reading Retreat

“It’s some time since I participated in Yair and Ziza’s energy and foot reading retreat; and yet, the memories of the retreat linger on, like the sweet smell of roses on a warm summer’s day.

I arrived at the retreat tired, with aching muscles, and feeling stressed, tight, anxious. I remember, just a day or two into the retreat, suddenly noticing that the aches and pains in my body had disappeared, as if by magic; and I was feeling energized, light, happy, at ease with myself, the people around me, and the world. The retreat is based in a peaceful, sunny, warm and beautiful place; and Yair and Ziza created a holding, caring, supportive, and loving environment.

I really enjoyed the morning yoga, qigong, and meditation sessions; the afternoon teaching and practice sessions, often spent outdoors; and the warm lazy evenings spent outdoors, around a table of light, healthy, delightful food; with easy, good company. The energy and foot reading teaching and practice sessions really supported me to get in tune with my mind, body, heart and spirit. They supported me to let go of things that were blocking me, holding me back; and to open up to new possibilities, new ways of knowing, new ways of connecting, new ways being in the world. The retreat supported me to let go, relax, open up; and to fully step into the life I was born to live.

It was a truly magical retreat, in a magical place, with magical people. I’d go back without hesitation!” 


Energy Reading Workshop – London

I did a group workshop with Yair in the UK – to explore how it is that we feel and read energy. The way that Yair set up the work of the day brought us into a sensibility with energy in a very light, clear, down to earth, fun and explorative way. I loved the whole experience and received much from it, it allowed me to clarify some personal understandings/misunderstandings around my 6th sense. Yair and the process of the day gently reminded me how obtrusive my mind can be in allowing me to rest in that great natural open ‘sensing’ that energy attunement is – and I received an unexpected healing from the day. The exercises that Yair did to bring us to this place of attunement ranged from inner visualisations and ‘sensings’ to physical play with Qi Kong and voice work, boosting our hara power and fully centering us in the here and now. We explored time in nature too. I felt that Yair held the sensibilities of the group with warmth, with full attention and with care. I am very happy to have met him and give recently thanks 🙂

Teresa Monano