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Personalized Retreats
We were so delighted to meet and support each of the guests in the stories below.

Personalised Retreat September 2018
I had a very special time on the 5 day retreat with Yair and Ziza. Set in such a peaceful location up in the mountains with fresh air and beautiful greenery, it felt a million miles away from fast paced city life. Yair and Ziza are very open and kind and really welcome you into their home so if you are looking for an authentic and personal experience then this is it.

Yair is a fantastic yoga instructor paying keen attention to my form and energy, and Ziza’s beautiful vegetarian food tasted so delectable that mere words are not enough to give an impression and it was presented so beautifully too! I was also invited to try the Biodanza whilst staying there, and I can recommend it even to those who are not ‘dancers’ usually! I myself will now pick up a class here in my home town.

The experience really helped me to recharge my spirit and I cannot recommend it enough to others. Thank you so much Yair and Ziza for all the love!

Personalised Retreat May 2018
“I fully recommend the experience, peace and reconnection, that you can enjoy by staying at Armonia Alpujarra. I was there on my own for a few days (3 nights) and since day one I felt the warmth and good vibe of both Yair and Ziza.

I got into yoga mornings and evenings, had acupuncture and shiatsu treatments, and enjoyed all the delicious and healthy meals. It was my first time into something like that, but they make it so natural, and close, that it didn’t feel ‘new’, it just felt ‘right’. 

You can go anytime in the year, but spring is a bonus, booming flowers and singing birds – you don’t need anything else! And, if you have time, combine your time at Armonia with some visit to any of the cities in Andalusía, Granada is close and amazing but also any of the other cities you can easily get by car or public transportation!”.
Mar (Barcelona, Spain)

Private Retreat January 2018
“This retreat was for me like a little ‘heaven of peace’ that I really needed after a few months of hard work. I loved the experience of living in a yurt in the middle of the beautiful nature up there. I also enjoyed very much the morning yoga and the treatments, delivered, heartfully, by my two hosts Yair and Ziza…and the food was so delicious. I hope I’ll be able to reproduce some of the nice meals proposed by Ziza in her recipe book. I definitely recommend this retreat… just go and let it flow, you won’t be disappointed 😉 “

Thanks again for your warmth and kindness!

Personalised Retreat December 2017
Dear Yair and Ziza,
Wanted to say a big thank you again for this week. It was wonderful to get to know you both – thank for being so welcoming and kind. Loved the classes, food, yurt and surroundings. I noticed when I got home how much calmer and at peace I felt – the experience was perspective-changing!
Hope you have a wonderful New Year!
Best wishes,

Personalized Retreat July 2017
“I just wanted to thank you again for the time I spent with you. It’s a very pleasant, refreshing memory. I came away very rested – and stretched! In fact I have found a Shiatsu practitioner locally to continue the good work on my stiff shoulders. I really enjoyed my days exploring Granada too.”

Alex UK

Personalized Retreat July 2017
“Yair and Ziza, have created the perfect place to disconnect from the world and to be able to reconnect with yourself. The yoga classes in the morning arel a luxury; and the afternoon yoga classes in the pool (in the water) were just what one needs in the middle of August. The stay at Casa Iris was very comfortable and gives you absolute independence. The food was exquisite. Yair and Ziza, with their kindness and affection create a super pleasant atmosphere. I am sure that I will return. A hug!”

Yolanda Spain

Personalised Retreat 2017
In the 3 days I was in the centre of Yair and Ziza I have relaxed so much and I have recharged the batteries but with good energy. I stayed in Casa Iris, a very well kept and quiet house. The vegetarian food is spectacular and made with lots of love. Yoga classes are different, which I really liked. Because of the heat in the afternoon, we were given a Yoga class at the pool. It has been a great new experience!  Thank you so much for everything!
Perfect Accommodation & facilities
Perfect Food
Perfect Location
Perfect Overall impression
Perfect Quality of activity
Perfect Value for money
Sandra Ortlieb Spain

Personalised Retreat July 2017
“The setting was amazing, it was like a haven, with beautiful greenery all around and only the sound of nature to listen to. Casa IRIS was very clean, comfortable and well-ventilated. The food prepared by Ziza was so healthy, colourful and delicious. The yoga and meditation sessions with Yair were very calming, relaxing yet energizing, and conducted with patience and care. I highly recommend this retreat”.

Short Private Retreat: July 2016
Hi Yair and Zizi,
Thank you for a wonderful stay and amazing treatments! You were both fantastic and I feel more positive than I did before I arrived. I will definitely be back! Lots of love to you both Cathy xx
Cathy UK

Personalized Retreat December 2015
Yair and Ziza have created a beautiful environment for healing and relaxation. They are warm individuals who welcome you into their home and way of life. The setting is idyllic, the food fresh and always delicious and the yoga invigorating.

Being able to spend a week with them allowed me to re-energise and restore balance while equipping me with some insights that I can continue to use in everyday life.  I recommend for anyone who wants to re-connect with themselves.
Love Josh
Josh: London UK

Personalized Retreat October 2015
Dear Yair and Ziza
I wanted to say what a wonderful time I had. I felt absolutely repaired when I returned home.  Thank you.

I also wanted to send you a few pictures that I took in your garden.  The beautiful colours and sounds feel a million miles from grey London. With love, Julie
Julie: UK


Personalized Inner Growth Retreat
Dear Yair and Ziza,

“Words cannot express how I feel.  After my first amazing stay with you in March 2008 I always dreamed of returning.  In 2008 after the Inner Growth Retreat I transformed and I’ve been on a wonderful journey ever since….it was an incredible experience!  Now in 2014 I got the wonderful opportunity to return – it felt like I had come home.  Being in totally different place in my life now this time the experience has been extraordinary – I don’t know where to begin – like I said at the beginning no words can express this.  You both are two magical people – incredible… “

Personalized Inner Growth Retreat – London Traveller
“Amazing retreat in a really special place. I stayed in the large yurt on the property which was nothing short of perfect, everything is really well thought through with an emphasis on eco/sustainable living and guest comfort. The food is made with love and attention using all fresh ingredients and could not have been better. Ziza should be giving cooking classes as there such a range of veggie dishes. Yoga and treatments were 100% personalised which again was fantastic. The location is incredible, although worth getting directions as it can be tricky to find.”
January 6, 2014.

Personalized Inner Growth Retreat March 2008
“My experience at beautiful Armonia Alpujarra with Yair and Ziza was absolutely amazing and it will stay with me forever.  I know that all the learning and the changes within me will impact me for many years to come.  Everything came at just the right time for me and I’m so grateful to them both.  I enjoyed everything.  I was a Yoga beginner but I didn’t feel awkward, as the pace was just right for everyone and it was fun. The treatments were fantastic and absolutely everything was catered for – all of my needs.  The retreat location is out of this world – just so beautiful, an oasis of peace and calm – I enjoyed the peacefulness so much – I was totally relaxed and comfortable.  Staying in a big Yurt was another highlight for me and so close to nature. The yummy vegetarian food filled me up and it was lovingly cooked by Ziza – I will miss this so much… I will even miss the trek to the compost loo – which was fun!!!  I got so much from my time there, so many realisations about myself, my family and particularly the relationships with my children!  Thank you so much Yair and Ziza for all of it and helping me change my life!”

Jacqueline Vanden, Manchester, UK.