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Various Client Visits.  
We were so delighted to meet and help each of the clients in the stories below.

Guest at Armonia Alpujarra:

Dear Ziza and Yair,
Coming to stay at Armonia Alpujarra Healing Retreat after the detox was as good a decision as going on the detox. The two just go together. It was for me a delicious nurturing treat after all the wonderful cleansing we did at the detox centre and the results were magnified.
I really enjoyed staying in your yurt surrounded by nature with no pressures, just to enjoy, relax, rebuild and dine on Ziza’a lovely healthy vegetarian food.
The benefits are something I do not take for granted and feel so appreciative of.
hank you also for introducing me to the beautiful area you live in and the special people you know.  Meeting your sister and her friend from Israel was a pleasure.  I just loved our visit to the goat farmer who works so efficiently with his lovely goat herd.  And hiking to your friend with the bountiful garden, chestnuts, grapes, pumpkins etc. what an interesting, inspirational friend. And one more session at the Biodanza with you Ziza was super.

With love and wishing you blessings in abundance.
Gillian November 20017

Detox International January 2017 

Hi Yair and Ziza
It’s Michaela who met you both at the detox international in January. I’ve had you in my thoughts ever since. I’ve been practising your yoga DVD daily, and my ability had really improved. The lessons you taught me during my week stay, was beyond my wildest dreams and my life has been growing and rapidly changing ever since. You enabled me to find my connection between mind, body and spirit; while practicing yoga. Your free teaching of yoga is quite amazing and I only wish you lived in England so I could attend daily classes. The shiatsu that you provided me with was amazing and enabled my body to stretch and release old blockages. I wondered if you sold any more yoga DVDs? I love waking each morning and working out to your dvd…. I hope your both well.
Lots of love light and laughter

Michaela xx



Yoga Classes with Yair: June 2016

I have been attending Yoga classes for a while before having two Yoga Therapy Classes with Yair, during the Detox Week and I must say that I have learned more in those two sessions than in one  year of collective Yoga classes. 
Yair sees immediately what part of the body is not placed correctly in the different postures and points it out.  So, that when you do your posture again you know if ‘yes or no’ you are doing it well and you can correct it. 
Besides, from the beginning, he explains some fundamentals in Yoga that I’ve never heard about and which are a way to understand better what part of the body you have to work on, whatever the posture. 
I recommend the Yoga Therapy Classs to everybody who wants to improve his or her yoga techniques. 




What can I say… I have nothing but good words about my stay here.  Ziza and Yair have created a little heaven in and around their Olive Farm, a place filled with so much love, energy and care and a reminder to us all that life can be truly beautiful…

Yoga under the stars, beautiful walks, fantastic food, interesting conversation…Ziza and Yair are two very special people who will do everything they can to ensure that you have a wonderful time at their retreat ~ always plenty of time for relaxation too!

If you want to get away from the City and immerse yourself in nature, with beautiful people and beautiful things, then this is the place for you!

Ziza and Yair, thank you on so many levels, it was an absolute pleasure x” 
Miranda: October 2015

Holiday Rental in Casa Iris

Hi Yair and Ziza
Thanks for the week at Casa Iris. We very much enjoyed our time with you doing yoga and a few healing sessions. The view from Casa Iris took our breath away every morning as we enjoyed our tea on the porch. Ziza is such an artist with food and we could hardly wait for each meal. Thanks for helping organize adventures for our family, climbing, bike riding, this made all the difference so that we could enjoy the time as a family. We are looking forward to coming back again.
All our love

Guy, Katrine and Josefine

Detox Holiday Spain

Dear Ziza and Yair

Time is running fast and it is almost one year since I met you at the detox in Southern Spain. I was struggling a lot – both as an impact from my own history, but also because my family was having a very hard time. You had been so good to my wife for some years and much because of that I decided that I had to attend the detox, mostly to meet you and get some guidance. I was terrified before leaving home, because of my anxiety which had taken grip of me. The first couple of days at the detox was very difficult, although meeting so many wonderful people alleviated the fear a lot. But I remember coming to you for the first session decided that I had to go home, in a way giving in. You managed to break my thought pattern and get me back on the right track. The defining moment happened in the second session where you “proved” that I am not my thoughts – I am the one that is aware of the thoughts – observing them. This had a crucial effect for me. Together with your statement that the mind is a tool that should be used for creative and analytical thinking – and that is it :), these are defining statements that are in my “toolbox” (sheet of guidances) which I have available for looking into whenever I need to. Also the session I had with Ziza at the detox was very crucial. The wisdom exposed had a deep impact and the book Ziza recommended for me (“The Untethered Soul”) made a huge impact on me.
My life up through the years had in a way been defined by conventional patterns of what to do to be “successful” and thereby has been pursued by a lot of willpower and determination in the try to succeed. Then fatigue of this life and some personal tragic accidents lead to the derailments (at least that is my opinion) and getting into the dark. So what you did for me (and my family) I am ever grateful and will never forget. Now I am back in normal life and feeling I am handling it well. I am very much enjoying my work developing and maintaining our software product – not out of an objective to succeed (focus on the objective, not being present), but out of sheer joy and thankful for having the chance to be able to do what I do. I am reminding myself to enjoy the journey and be present in my life and grateful for each day I receive with all the opportunities. When I from time to time get some of the symptoms I take out my “toolbox” and look at it and also think about you and all your wisdom that I was so lucky to get some of.

Dear Ziza and Yair: Again I must say that I am ever grateful to have met you. I wish you all the best and also hope you will enjoy a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s holiday 🙂

Lots of love from


Personalised Visits

I visited Yair and Ziza in Spring 2008 for a long term troubled back after I had been recommended by the local chiropractor who decided he could no longer help me. My body needed to be treated more as a whole and not just for the broken and dislocated bones!! After a couple of sessions with both Yair and Ziza, I came to realise I was multi-dimensional and really just another form of energy .I also spent a personal week with them which was a struggle at first. Contemplating time and energy for MYSELF – HOW RARE.

They both made me feel like my needs were priority and gave me enough nurturing to cover me for my entire neglected prior life! Massages, expression through art, delicious delectable foods, Qi Gong and yoga daily and laughter and quite frankly a new simplicity…this I had sensed was always there but did not know how to connect with it.  My problems were more my personal battles with myself and bad habits developed over the years. Moreover my back problems were just a symptom of emotional traumas and self neglect. Even though there were damages from accidents the way i had dealt with them left me with long term discomfort and pain. As well as anxiety and at times depression

My mind was blown over a very short space of time and i decided that the path that Yair and Ziza had laid for themselves and so many other people was the ONLY path I needed to concentrate on in order to achieve a more harmonious way of living.  The other problem i had dealt with over the years was lack of my own family and not having had any children. Yair and Ziza helped me come to terms with this very quickly. I didn’t need to have a child to feel fulfilled focusing on the emptiness inside of me, why it was there and filling that emptiness with self-love. Then BINGO…as soon as acceptance crept in I found myself with child at the age of 40!

Then another set of challenges came in, pregnancy, emotions, new raging hormones and bringing a new being into the world. I was and felt very safe with a new self-trust that all was for a reason and i could find some inner peace with practices that i had been taught by Yair. Reminding myself that I was part of the earth and to integrate every element of the earth and the rains, suns, winds, heavens, smells and sounds. LIFE BECAME SO MUCH EASIER TO DEAL WITH.

Now with a three year old daughter, we both practice energy work, we practice yoga as much as possible and I try to live within more realistic parameters.

I check in with Yair and Ziza regularly and when possible I visit them at their retreat I could not recommend them both, nor their beautiful peaceful home and retreat any higher. They are miracle workers and a joy to have met.