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Zoom Clinic and Accreditation
Armonia Alpujarra developing our future Energy Healers!

Sessions available on a Friday at 18:00 (Spain time) or depending on Yair’s availability


What is our Zoom Clinic?
This is an online clinic platform, via Zoom.  The Zoom Clinic will enable ‘live’ Energy Reading Sessions to be booked and undertaken, between a Student and Client (as live Case Studies).  The ‘live’ Case Study Sessions will be overseen and supervised by Yair.

Who can use it?
Students of the Advanced Energy Reading Course who want to be accredited.

As part of the accreditation / certification, students are required to undertake, complete and present 10 x written Client Case Studies.  6 Case Studies unsupervised and 4 x Supervised ‘live’ Client Case Study Sessions (via Zoom Clinic or Yair’s physical Supervision) Click here for the Case Study TEMPLATE: TEMPLATE Energy Reading Case Study

Clients can be foundation level participants (past or present) or, an external client, as agreed with Yair.

Why use the Zoom Clinic?
For students (of the Advanced Course) it is a requirement of the accreditation criteria.  In addition, it is excellent platform to practise ‘live’ Energy Reading Sessions in a ‘safe learning’ environment.

For Clients it is beneficial in many ways.  As well as benefiting from the healing treatments, clients (who are students) can also gain experience of a practical energy reading session. The session treatments are also offered at a very low cost (15 euros).

Zoom Sessions:
The sessions will be approx. 1 hour to 1.5 hours, including a supervised ‘feedback’ session at the end of the session, with yair.

Zoom Clinic Treatment Session procedure/process:


Student = 15.00€
Client = 15.00€

In order to book a session, the Student will need to make an appointment in the Zoom Clinic.
Confirmation of booking will only be agreed once both parties have paid the fee.

A processing fee 0.50 cents will be added due to PayPal Fees. 
STUDENT Session: 15.00€
CLIENT  Session: 15.00€

To book a Zoom Clinic Session:

Please contact us


Students must fulfil the following:

  • Attend all classes or watch the recorded classes (this needs to be arranged with Yair).
  • Complete and present all of the Home Practise Assignments (to required standard).
  • Undertake a Private Evaluation Session, with Yair (included in course fee)
  • Undertake, complete and present a total of 10 x written Client Case Studies
  • 4 of the 10 Client Case Studies will be undertaken via the Zoom Clinic, supervised by Yair.

Yair will manage the final sign-off process, depending on the competence of each student, and whether the criteria has been met.

A Certificate
will be issued to Advanced level students, once the 10 Case Studies are complete to the required standard (10 Written Caste Studies: 6 unsupervised and 4 supervised via the Zoom Clinic).

Yair Sagy will confirm and sign off student competence.

Advanced Students will receive a ‘hard copy’ Certificate through the post, signed by Yair Sagy.


Any questions please contact us

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