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Online and Face to face
Healing Therapy Clinics

We were so delighted to meet and help each of the clients in the stories below.


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Catherine: July 2020
“This is a recommendation for the Energy Foundation Course with Yair, and also for the Sunday morning Yoga & Energy Movement class.
I have been receiving energy treatments from Yair over a number of years during his visits to London. I enjoyed and trusted his gentle presence and encouragement for me to (re)connect to my body, and to begin to understand the energy fields within and external to my own body.
In early February 2020 I contacted him for a private one-to-one session. I was ‘struggling’ and exhausted, having been caring for my mum with severe dementia over the past 5 years.
That one-to-one exchange was a turning point.
I became aware of my ability to revive myself through my/our connection to infinity. We can all do this. We are Infinity. I knew this instinctively. As we all do.
This deep knowing required a supportive and encouraging learning environment, to be able to come to the surface.
To know myself again ‘as if for the first time’ .

Throughout the lock-down time March April May June and now into July, I have attended the beautiful Sunday Yoga-Energy Movement sessions with Yair, alongside the Energy Reading Foundation Course.
Feeling the embodiment of energy-in-movement, compliments the energy reading foundation course very well.
Yair has a great gift of firm and gentle precision. Encouraging you to become aware of the structure of your skeleton, the lengthening of your limbs, your soft tissues, your whole body, moving -with-in -energy.
Through the Energy Reading Group classes and Home Practice, also sharing within the group, and the gentle encouragement of Yair – to trust myself – and to become ‘aware of my awareness’ – I feel I have grown immensely in my confidence to understand that which I already am. That which we already are.
Maybe this doesn’t ‘make sense’ to you, reading this now? Maybe it does! If you are curious and what to know more, about how to support and invigorate yourself through your understanding of Energy, which will help you and the people you love to fully Live, and to be able to meet the challenges of life in a different way, then I encourage you to ‘have a go’! To join this new Energy Reading Foundation group.
You will gain an understanding of the embodied being and the infinite being that you are. You will have a wonderful adventure.
Much Love to All” Catherine 


Clare: 2019
“I just wanted to thank you for your kind, gentleness, during, what has been a very traumatic time in my life. I am so pleased Anna recommended that I should see you and I have definitely felt great benefit from your therapy. The shock of losing my twin brother has almost been too painful to bear but I must be brave and try and go on without him. You helped me to see the situation in a different light and I am trying to carry out your suggestions.
I think some people are blessed with the gift of healing and felt very much that you are one them.
Best Wishes, Clare.


Fabiano: March 2019
Hi Yair, 
“Thank you so much for the session yesterday.  Feeling cleansed and refreshed today.  My aim is to keep it that way.  It’s worth 10 years of painful psycho-therapy.
Much appreciated. 
Looking forward to see you next month!”


Catherine: 2019
Hello Yair,
“It’s taken a long time for me to contact you and it’s possible you may not remember me. I was staying in Nerja for a week at the beginning of July struggling with panic attacks and had not been able to sleep for more than a month.  You were very kind speaking to me on the phone even though you were on a family holiday. I wanted to say that the treatment I received from you – acupuncture and chakra clearing was a truly significant part of my healing journey. After the treatment I felt connected to myself in a way that I had lost touch with, and although that feeling didn’t last long it gave me a sense of recovery and pointed the path towards healing. I had a bag full of different medication that had been prescribed to me, which I managed to discard. Once back in England I had regular acupuncture and healing, went on many long walks, received a lot more kindness, had many more sleepless nights, but gradually recovered and am now lighter and more grounded than ever before.
I wanted to send you a heartfelt thanks, not just for your professionalism and your CD which has been helpful, but most of all for your kindness. You shone a light when I was down.
It’s great receiving your newsletters and information about your retreats which look amazing. One day I would love to return to Spain and would love to come and see you.

Very warm wishes.”


ONLINE Helena: October 2018
“Yair’s Skype sessions have been very powerful for me. As Yair guides me skilfully through exploring and resolving an issue on Skype, I am able to take a more active role because of the online format. He encourages me to bring in my own intuition, inquire into these patterns alongside him and I receive important insights from my body. I leave our sessions feeling empowered around my health and well-being. And…all of this happens right here at my kitchen table! I love working with Yair on Skype and I highly recommend this format.”


ONLINE Client: November 2018
By Skype“, answered Yair in the car on my way to fly back home!
The work I have done with Yair while staying at their retreat centre, led me to discover a feeling I was not conscious of. A transformational experience which has calmed down a long-lasting fear. I was wondering how and with who, when back home, far from the powerful presence of Yair and Ziza and their beautiful environment, how to continue this so special exploration?
By Skype, Yair can establish a strong connection, adapt the work according to what he feels and what I say, guides me to feel and work on my energy balance, helps me to be more connected with the world.
After these sessions, I feel empowered and more able to mobilize my vital energy. This is particularly relevant to have these Skype sessions while being in the environment of my daily life.”


Jane: September 2013
Dear Yair,
I cannot forgot the amazing experience I had during our session in September last year when I came to see you with Mietje. Anyway this year I was a very lucky girl to receive your Qi-Gong DVD as a Christmas gift from Mietje. So since the beginning of January I have been practising, WITH YOU, every morning in my home.  Wow, I’m already feeling the wonderful benefits and the boost in my energy levels are increasing daily  I feel sure that once I become more familiar with all the moments it will enable me to concentrate even more on my inner self.
Hopefully I will have the opportunity to visit you once again this year in Spain
Wishing you a fruitful enjoy 2014!
Sending you with regards


CASE STUDY ROSIE ~ Aged 34, Single who was torn by her lifestyle:
Rosie came to us when, aged 34, she had just broken up from her boyfriend. This was her 3rd serious relationship, and she was starting to feel scared. Her biological clock was ticking, but she just couldn’t maintain a long-term relationship that would lead to a family. 

Professionally, Rosie was very successful, as she had always been in everything she attempted – except finding a loving relationship. She was going out to bars, and hanging out with the crowd, but this no longer satisfied her.  Deep down in her heart she knew this life-style was not for her.  She felt pulled in many directions. On the one hand she loved art and self-expression, but on the other, her high-powered City job paid the mortgage,

We worked with Rosie supporting her to connect to her inner true self and her fears of being rejected. After a few sessions a change occurred: she become much more relaxed, stable and happy.  Currently Rosie is enrolled in an Interior Design program with a view to changing her career to one where she can express her creative skills. She is also engaged to a lovely bright man.  She believes that she owes much of this positive change to the loving power of her therapy work.