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Home Practise Support

We highly recommend you complete it (and share it) to build confidence and integrate the learning.

Student Examples of Home Practise 

Class No.4:  QUESTION Home Practice:
1. From the above screen shots (see you own class screen shots):
a. Choose the photo of the group which you are not part of and move your awareness from one person to another and check how your breathing pattern is changing as you shift from one person to the other.
b. Back to the photo of your own group. Try to dance with each person in the group. Same as we did with the plants, apply to the photos. Let your body express in movement the energy of the person.
2. Choose at list 3 people from your group and read there aura on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd layer and try to draw it.
3. I encourage you to keep a daily meditation practice with the chakra and aura.


Click here ↓ student answers

STUDENT ANSWER Class No 4 1 (a) breath changes

STUDENT ANSWER Class No 4 1 (b) Dances

STUDENT ANSWER Class No 4 2 aura drawings