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Energy Imbalances
Possible meaning and treatment


General imbalances 1. Be present with the imbalance to support shift.
2. Understand origin of imbalance and make peace with it.
3. Going back in time to feel origin and to connect to time of wellness and bring it to the present moment.
4. Connecting to the light and spirit, which you are to take perspective on suffering.
AURA: Pulling to the right Doing and action, masculine effect, needing to prove.
Father, mother issues.
Need to understand that they are perfect without the need to prove it.
AURA: Pulling to the left Emphasising the inner on the outer
AURA Right or Left too close, like a wall. Building a wall from life (especially on the right) What was the trauma?
AURA: Shrinking in Things are not going well (protection?) Work on 2nd chakra, power. Experiencing infinity.
AURA: Opening up Relaxing
AURA: Bigger around and above the head area Don’t want to feel.
Fear of feeling
Necessary to teach to feel.
AURA: Energy too much around the head Mentally very active, pulling the life force to the head. Anchorage to be in touch inwards, that will enhance the mental. Work with fear and trauma if needed.
AURA: Big Aura (but the person can feel small) Low self-esteem. Identity is not clear. I am not enough. Explore why to be the real ‘me’ is scary.
AURA: External force coming in Negative energy form intruding
AURA: Positive force coming in Loved one, angel, guides are with you. Help recognise it and acknowledge the support and guidance.
AURA: Energy/aura pull to the front Living in the future, lacks self-acceptance, feeling the way forwards – always planning ahead The joy of being!
AURA: Energy/aura all behind – not connected. The person doesn’t want to be with themselves.
AURA: Tight to the body like skin Fear to relax and expand Explore beyond the body.
Work with expansion of awareness.
AURA: Completely open at the bottom Energy escaping, can’t hold its power in.
AURA: Smokey grey coloured aura Confusion, loads of emotions, not wanting to be seen.
AURA: Central channel is very hard and tight Deep fear. Work with the fear to soften the trauma.
AURA: When physical and energy body are not overlapping Not comfortable to be whole Explore why?


Divine/universal existence.
Too close to the head/Dispersed /Not communicating downwards.
Has an object or being in it.
Being too much in the head, not allowing emotions to be felt.
A loved one could need help to move on.
Just being present with chakra – open to heaven and allow flow back down through central channel.
Radiate immense light to heaven.
Let thinking go.
Mentally being projected forward too strongly. Enchanting.
Blocked: thinking too much.
Living in the future.
Being drown to the colours.
Just being present with chakra – open to front and back.
Send energy down to 2nd Chakra – power down.
It is ok to be present inside…. to feel emotions
Guide to acknowledge that the energy is all around the body.
Closed: not expressing oneself / difficulty communicating Just being present with chakra – open to front and back
Affirm: I allow my throat to be open so I can express myself freely.
Allow to feel emotions, connecting head and body.
Love / Connection
Open to spread love and warmth self/others
Heart chakra is tight.
Closed: not loving self or others   Afraid to share love.
Not understanding that love is everywhere.
Just being present with chakra – open to front and back
Affirm: I live in the energy of love. Guide to be a channel of love and not the origin of love.
Connect to loved ones and from there to those whom you are in conflict.
Self Expression / Self Esteem (ego). Sometimes the aura takes a banana shape on the Solar plexus level.
Easily knotted/blocked – low self-esteem, self-rejection.
I am not enough as me.
Just being present with chakra – open to front and back
Affirm: I love and accept myself, as I am at this moment
Vitality / Life power
Can be knotted, not felt, not allowing flow down.
Not balanced related to past fears.
Issue with acknowledging one’s power.
Rejection of animal nature.
Just being present with chakra – open to front and back
Affirm: I feel strong, vital, fertile & creative
Qi Gong and Yoga: feel the power, be a wild tiger.
Safety / Nourishment
(Can be black too).
Not balanced related to fear, insecurity and feeling unsafe Just being present with chakra – open to earth and allow flow down and up through central channel to crown
Grounding techniques
Connect to feeling supported.  Affirm: I feel safe and supported!
Meridian massage
A chakra is flowing out at front but blocked at the back? Not allowing to be complete on that level. Try to understand the reason for rejecting that part and make peace with it.
Chakras are not present or very dull. Not knowing who am I. Investigate root, connect to fears that prevent of being me. Acknowledge spirit infinite being


Generally: need to in harmony Imbalance will affect related physical structure and internal organs. Meridian massage, acupuncture, acupressure, visualisation.


Vertebras energy is blocked back to front Physical or emotional block on that level. Hold both sides until energy opens.
Work with client to visualise the opening.
Energy and physical body are not overlap.  Identity imbalance or trauma. Investigate the root.