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When you’re feeling anxious it’s really important to recogniss this and admit it to yourself, by saying: I am anxious and I would like to calm down.

In that moment an important shift happens.  The mind turns inwards, and stops ‘chasing its tail’ and going nowhere.

The next step… is to start to follow your breath… recite and repeat – to yourself – the following:

I am breathing into my anxiety… I am breathing out and releasing my anxiety to the universe.

it is very important to resist the temptation of your mind (taking over) as it will try to resolve the source of your anxiety.

Now…. guide and focus your mind inwards… actually focus on the physical and emotional sensations the anxiety is producing inside you… within your body.  Observe carefully within your body and try to locate where exactly you feel the anxiety.  

What kind of sensations is it provoking? 
Is it like a feeling of tingling or shaking?
How often does it affect your breathing?
Is your breathing shallow and fast?

If you need to, stay focused longer on your breathing… observe it and guide it to go deeper towards your lower abdomen.

Because you are keeping your focus on the ‘anxiety’ and it’s ‘sensations’ – instead of on the thoughts provoking it – the anxiety will begin to subside.

Your breath will get deeper and the source of your anxiety will lose its spell on you.

You are free again, hurrah!!!

Love and blessings

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