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Meditation means being present or focusing your attention on an object, which will help you connect to this moment.
The easy and most straight forward way to start is to simply focus on your breath.

To start with, make sure you are in a quiet and comfortable environment.

POSITION: Try to sit upright but make sure that your posture is not strained in anyway.  The classic crossed legged posture is not easy for everyone therefore, instead you can lean against a wall with crossed or straight legs, sit on a chair and if you wish or, you can even lie down on your back.

Once you have found a comfortable posture, try to maintain it for as long as possible, because moving will distract your mind and it will break the flow of energy you have established.  Of course, if you feel very uncomfortable you should adjust your posture.

BREATH FOCUS: Now, bring your awareness to your breath, observing how it moves in and out.  How it enters through your nose and moves down to the lower part of your chest and abdomen.  Keep your breath completely natural, observing how it interacts with your body.

Don’t worry if you find that your mind keeps wondering off – this is normal – gently bring it back to focus on the breath.

After a short while you will start to feel more relaxed, breathing deeper and feeling more spacious inside.

Meditation can teach the amazing connection between empty space and your physical being. 

If you fancy it, you can explore questions like; can I feel the life force entering my body? Where does the air comes from? Where does it go to in the body? Who is breathing?

These questions should be answered from experience and NOT from thinking.

It is advisable to start and end the day with meditation. Meditating at the start of the day provides a great and calm start to a wonderful day.  At the close of the day, it gives a peaceful night sleep.

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