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“Ahaaa…Siesta… I wish I could just go to bed and ‘check out’ for a little while… those Spanish really know how to live..” 

A Power Nap is a healing habit that may change your life!

Experts say with only a minimum of 5 mins (maximum of 20 mins) you can reap powerful benefits.
Many of us live at such a fast pace and we don’t have the opportunity to stop and take a long rest.
But… a POWER NAP of just 5 mins can have an amazing rejuvenating effect.
The depth and quality of a POWER NAP can be more powerful than a few hours of night sleep!


You can do it anywhere – even at your office desk.
Great rejuvenating effect!
Lowers blood pressure & keeps your heart healthy
Totally refreshing and energizing!
Boosts alertness & improves performance
Prevents burn-out and stress
Improves memory, learning & creativity
Your brain rests and your body heals
…it’s cheaper than coffee!!!


HOW TO: Power Nap with Yair

Ensure your environment is quiet, warm and comfortable.
Sit or Lie down, comfortably & l
oosen any tight clothing.

Switch off mobile phones or any other possible distractions.

First take a 3-5 deep breaths: when breathing in let your belly blow up like a balloon, & when breathing out feel it empty.
Keep focused on your breathing – observe breath coming in & out.
Relax your forehead, eyes and your facial muscles.
Move your attention down to your toes….visualise that rose coloured rays of light are radiating from between your toes to infinity.
Keep holding the above image, as clear and vivid as you possibly can. Soon your mind will calm down and you will peacefully fall into a deep sleep state.

Start to be mindful and aware of your surroundings and your body – what can you see, hear and how do you feel?
Hydrate by drinking a glass of water

Enjoy the rest of your day….


  Rose coloured
rays of light
radiating up to infinity 


Please share your experience with us (once you wake up)

Armonia Alpujarra