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Practice Kapalbhati

Kapalbhati The fire breath!

Kapalbhati belongs to the Pranayama: the breathing section of Yoga practices!

The benefits of practising Kapalbhati are:

– Great cleansing and rejuvenation effect.
– Improves breathing by deeply oxygenating the lungs.
– Improves digestive fire.
– Promotes deep relaxation.
– Awaken Kundalini Shakti; the sacred spiritual power that lays dormant in the base of the spine. 


How to practice Kapalbhati: 

– Sit straight on a cushion or a chair.
– Loosen any tight clothing.

– Close your eyes and make sure that your spine is erect (straight).
– Bring your awareness to your lower abdomen and pelvic floor.

– Inhale naturally and while exhaling FORCEFULLY CONTRACT YOUR LOWER ABDOMEN AND PELVIC FLOOR to expel all the air out.  Then let the air come back in naturally and contract again.

– Repeat this contraction, in a rhythmical way, as long as it feels comfortable for you.
– If you feel you need to pause, take a deep breath in, exhale deeply out and let your breath normalise.

Repeat the same procedure a few more times. 

– When you feel it is enough, stay focused, with closed eyes for a few minutes, observe the flow of 
energy within.

– It is advisable to conclude your practice with a few minutes of deep relaxation: lie on your back in