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More Information on Energy Reading


Energy reading is a revolutionary way of connecting, diagnosing and treating people. It allows you to be in direct and live contact with your client throughout the treatment. Each change in the client either emotional, mental or physical, is registered directly in their energy field. Being able to observe those changes makes the treatment very dynamic, with a deep connection to the client.

Energy Reading Treatment: empowering client to take responsibility 

Energy reading treatments focus on treatment and education at the same time!!!

Since the Mind-Body is one system, it is not enough to focus on the body, even in its energetic form. Even if we made the most accurate diagnosis and treatment, the client is still passive and is not necessary taking full responsibility for their healing.

In the energy reading treatments we work closely with the client to discover emotional and psychological patterns of being, which are deeply connected and contribute to the state of dis-ease. The energy system will always give us direct feedback to the state of imbalance. For example, if our client is dealing with psychological tendencies of self rejection, the area of their solar plexus is most likely to be blocked. They might even develop digestive symptoms. Once they recognize the connection between their relationship with themselves and their life experience on a physical and emotional level, a change takes place. Another example is frozen shoulder – when observing the client’s energy, you will see that their Heart Centre is blocked, as if their ability to embrace and express love is shut down. Therefore, the treatment plan would combine opening the blocked meridians, as well as supporting the client to open their heart. Connecting to possible traumas that resulted in fear to feel and express love,

Energy Reading: The way for inner growth of client AND practitioner

In order to see the energy, you need to connect to yourself, to recognize and feel your own energy system. Becoming aware of your own psychological and emotional tendencies, and understanding how they affect your life experience; on all levels. In order to deepen the connection inwards the session include meditation, guided visualization, nature observation, breathing techniques, Qi Gong and creative dance, which support this process.