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I think this pandemic has stopped the world for a big instant,
helping us to reconnect and reconsider where we were going,
and focus instead in the important things such as family, friends,
good care of ourselves and time for introspection.
A lovely path!

❤️ I would have not done the Energy Course, if not for pandemic!
❤️ I would have not been a part of this community, if not for pandemic!
❤️ I would have not touched infinity and sat in the remote circle with you all, if not for pandemic!
❤️ I would have not made new friends trespassing the need for physical form, if not for pandemic!
❤️ I would have not done Vision Quest,
reclaiming myself on the mountain in Wales, if not for pandemic!
❤️ I would have not shed healing tears, sweated my fears out and
 screamed my neuroticism out of my body, if not for pandemic!
❤️ I would have not be where I am today, if not for pandemic!
And I – just as every one of us – am exactly where I need to be!
Whether I like it or not, I accept it! 
I am certain things would have evolved in some other way if not for pandemic,
but acceleration and acceptance were certainly themes of the last year for me!
Thank you for expanding my world you peculiar, tumultuous and potent time!
May I and we always find grace in chaos!

Thanks to this crazy pandemic, I
💫 had time to step into the Foundation course
💫 made time for the Advanced and Graduate courses
💫 enriched my life with so many beautiful people, from all around the world
💫 learned words to describe insights and feelings I already knew but now got confirmed and expanded
💫 learned how to combine this knowing and feeling into my osteopathic way of working
💫 know my clients are thankful too
💫 am so grateful we share this love amongst all living creatures and the planet together
💫 am so grateful I have learned we are love ❤️
💫 want to thank you Yair for sharing your wisdom 🙏

🎨 Thanks to this wonderful pandemic I have joined with purest lights on the foundation course.
Clarity and happiness, laughter in abundance.
🎨 Wisdom of creation and clarity on the advanced course. Wow.
🎨 Joined with my own creator self, source and wrote and illustrated a children’s mindfulness book.
🎨 Met such beautiful children along the patch that gave me such light, joy and inspiration, to help me write and help them believe in their dreams as unique beings.
🎨 Met the creator of purest joy and light and love, Yair, love to you.
🎨 Gathered with some of my now closest friends and worked together to be Luminous beings together in Spain, online.
🎨 Believed that all we are its truly good enough.
🎨 Got to really appreciate the natural wonderland of my Irish homeland as an artist. Such a profound precious gift 💚
🎨 Love entered and is forever here ❤️
What a year. Thank you 2020 for the insight when in nothing it’s everything.

Last year has been like no other.
In the midst of the pandemic, this period has helped me evaluate my life and focus on what’s truly important:
1. The pandemic has helped me to find deeper meaning in my inner…
so grateful to have done both Energy reading courses.
Thank you Yair 🙏

2. Family rhythms have shifted but my ties are as important as ever…
so grateful to be able to spend so much time with my 4 year old son and my husband.
3. Small gestures have a huge impact on our well-being.  
Smile, be gentle and grateful for life.
Enjoy life as much as we can, it does not happen forever.

I want to thank you to you all beautiful people, Karen who I’ve known for many years and from the beginning we connected by the energy of love.
This Pandemic year has been a difficult time but because I was introduced to Yair, our teacher,
I did the Foundation course. This opened many doors.

New connections: energy, friends, meditations and many people that we have never met
but we are connected in meditation, every morning.

I got rid of emotional stuff that I’ve carried since child-hood.
I feel for me, it has been a journey of spiritual growing, to believe in myself and, for forgiveness.
To reach for friends and they are there.
2020 was a year in my life that give me, terror, hope, knowledge, new friends, appreciation and gratefulness 🙏🏻 for being here.

Thank you to you all that is light in my life ❤️
Thanks to this super crazy p•a•n•d•e•m•i•c
I connected with my TRIBE
That’s it.

Hope everyone is doing well.
Often think back to about this time last year with doing the foundation energy reading course.
The last 12 months have definitely been a journey of both self-discovery and of finding my feet in the writing world of food/lifestyle/health writing.
It has brought its challenges but faced them straight on with an understanding that ‘nothing lasts forever’.
I know I’m not active on this group very much but grateful to be watching everyone’s growth through wonderful social media platforms.
Take care everyone and keep safe.

Thank you; it is a privilege knowing you and the group.
It changed my life and I hope we can meet all in person one day

In the last 12 months, I have been given an opportunity to truly understand the potential of the human body, when given its best chance to heal, and the connectivity of the entire world as an integrated whole – I really felt the truth of what it is to be a part of Gaia, and how we are not separate, but one living organism.
I have learnt to live on my own and to be comfortable with my own company.
I have meditated most days, and that has become a good habit.
I have come to know who my true friends are.
I feel a sense of community even in a time of separation.
I have learnt to tread a middle path in the face of extreme polarisation.
I am grateful for my current circumstances, to feel as if I have been training my whole life for this time, and felt prepared to flourish and to help others when they faltered or needed support.
Blessings to all xx

“How do you spell ‘love’?” – Piglet.
“You don’t spell it…you feel it.” – Pooh”
A. A. Milne. 💞

I too feel the positives from the pandemic of being able join this group from afar, but feel close,
and probably something I would never have done before.

It’s great being part of this group and thank you to you Yair for helping to make it happen and sharing your expertise and wisdom.

A few words from Yair