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Nature’s Gift
Armonia Alpujarra Organic OLIVE OIL


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Yair and Ziza, at Armonia Alpujarra, feel blessed to share their own story of cultivating their olives and producing the highest quality, extra virgin, organic Olive Oil.

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Our Story:
We believe olives are ‘natures gift’ to us!  Each year, although hard work, it’s a blessing to harvest our olive crop. The manual labour and the whole process – to obtain our amazing organic, cold pressed and extra virgin Olive Oil – is intensive work but so worth it.

We hope you’ll all enjoy the results too, by ordering some of our Organic Olive Oil, to enjoy its natural nutritional benefits… cultivated with so much love!


Our Harvest:
At Armonia Alpujarra we have over 200 Olive Trees; including Picual, Lechín, Manzanilla and Marteña varieties.

Autumn is the season for harvesting.  To get the very best olive oil, we harvest from the beginning of November. This is when the olives start to go black.  Like most fruits, olives start off green and as they ripen, they gradually mature into darker shades of black.

At this stage of ripeness, we can obtain the highest quality olive oil, with the lowest acidity; qualifying well for extra virgin olive oil.

The Olive Mill Process:
We only have a window of 24 hours max, to carry out the whole process from picking, before the olives begin to deteriorate; so it can be intensely pressured time!

The whole process includes picking, collecting and sacking up the olives ready to go to the Olive Mill.  It’s at the Mill where the magic happens: the transformation from olive to oil.

The Olive Mill process includes: separating, crushing and pressing the olives into oil!

Olive Picking:
We do the olive picking and collection ourselves, by hand.
We use small plastic rakes and a small electric machine, which gently vibrates and shakes the olive branches. With the raking and shaking, the olives drop off into the nets we’ve laid below the trees. 
 We then create a big central pile of olives – in netting – and begin the collection of sacking them up.    Once they are in sacks, we can prepare to load them into our trailer. We need a minimum of 500 kg of olives, for the Olive Mill Press… after loading the sacks we set off to the Olive Mill.At the Olive Mill we feed the freshly picked olives into the machines. The whole process at the Olive Mill, can take up to about 4 hours.

Separating the Olives:
The first stage is separating. The machines separate the olives from any small twigs and leaves. At this point, the olives are also weighed, to ensure a minimum weight of 500 kg. 
The separation process means that only the pure olive fruits will enter into the next stage.
Olive crushing:
The next stage is crushing. The machines crush the olives in to a huge yellow paste. 
Olive Pressing:
After the olives are crushed into the paste, they are pressed. Our olives are pressed at a low temperature of 22 – 25c, which is called ‘Cold Pressing’ ~ this is the best quality type of pressing. Following the cold pressing, everything is then fed into a Centrifuge Machine and the oil is separated the paste… pure liquid gold!

Organic and Extra Virgin Quality:
Our olives are organic, which means that no chemicals are involved in the whole cultivating process.  In addition, we are certified and inspected by a regulatory agency, to make sure we are keeping to the standards required.  As well as being organic, our olives are classed as ‘Extra Virgin’ as they are ‘cold pressed’ and because they have up to 0.8 acidity.

The Olive Mill we use, is also certified to handle organic olives.

Finally, our organic, extra virgin, cold pressed Olive Oil, is ready to be collected into big Jerrycans (hard robust containers used to store the oil).

These Jerrycans can also be packed up ready for shipping to customers, if necessary!What’s next?
After a busy November, hard labour and lots of fun, we are always ready to enjoy a well earned rest.  After resting, we will prepare our Olive Trees to ensure they blossom abundantly again in the following year.

The preparation includes pruning, irrigation and fertilising with a natural manure. Then, we stand alongside our beautiful olive trees, and wait for another of nature’s gifts… a blessing of rain!

This year, 2020, we’ve been very blessed because there has been such an abundance of olives on our land.

The elders in our village have said “it is the ‘Corona Virus’ that has brought health to the mother earth…” we believe this may be true! 

Would you like to order some of our Organic Olive Oil?

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