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Our Retreats and Workshops 


Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation and Dance
Healing Art
Nature Walks
A Mind Body Healing Experience 

 Massage Armonia Alpujarra  Body circle

We believe passionately in helping people find their own path to healing and personal growth.  Our workshops enable us to teach you skills which you can use for yourself, or to help others.

Many of our clients, like us, have experienced that feeling that ‘something’s missing’. Maybe you are a professional therapist who feels constrained by traditional techniques, and is looking for something more to offer your clients. Or maybe you are looking for new ways to experience your own inner magic.

We work with small groups. This means that we can give personal attention and a personal touch. As part of the healing process, we deliberately create a sense of family, because connection is such an important part of healing.  

Whether the workshop is at our Armonia Alpujarra Healing Retreat Centre, or in one of other venues in mainland Europe, we strive to find locations that are calm, relaxing and good for the soul.

In the retreats, we want you to experience for yourself the relief that comes when you work with energy and connect with inner joy. A number of clients have experienced radical breakthroughs when they have started to get in touch with their own energies, using the energy healing techniques which we teach on these courses.

“When you become yourself, life falls into place!”

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Join us, Yair and Ziza, on the journey to be yourself, and experience your own magnificence.

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