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About Mind and Body Acupuncture

Mind-body acupuncture is a powerful tool to diagnose and heal physical, emotional and spiritual disease. The essence of the therapy is to observe the energy imbalances, within a person, and then work to assess why these have arisen. The next stage is a process of letting go of these issues, and finally creating tools that clients can utilize to help them with a new approach to life.

All healing, be it mental or physical, takes place in the present moment.  Being able to be, and actually stay present is the key to salvation and well-being.  By using consciousness in the present moment to illuminate an agitated mind, its negative tendencies can be observed and redirected towards healing. By being present with the physical and energetic self, exactly as it appears in the present moment, clients can undergo a powerful transformation. Presence is the greatest healer; it has the power to eradicate all mental and emotional maladies; if you allow it.

In most cases acupuncture is used to conclude the session. It allows relaxation while the needles re-balance the energy system. Acupuncture has a powerful effect on the mind and the body, and swiftly redistributes the blocked energy all over the body.  It is critical that clients acquire a deep understanding of the interaction between their life experience, mental state and attitude, prior to the use of acupuncture. If you use only acupuncture, without relating to the behavioural patterns, then it is likely that symptoms could return in the same, or another, form.  By understanding the root of the problems a greater level of healing is possible.

by Yair Sagy, Licensed Acupuncturist