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About Foot-reading and Reflexology

Foot Reading with Ziza

Ziza is certified Reflexologist, with more than 30 years of clinical and teaching experience. She has developed a unique technique which combines Foot Reading with Mind-Body work.  This combination allows you to connect and transform negative mental/emotional patterns, as well as giving you the tools to deal with them.

The session begins with a Foot Reading, in which Ziza gathers information from your feet regarding your past experiences, present tendencies and then she reflects it all back to you.  From this information you are then invited to choose what to concentrate on.

During the whole session, Ziza touches and massages your feet on reflected areas, related to your process: physical organs, emotions or Chakras.

The treatment is long journey through your life that opens new doors… enjoy!


  • If detoxing: Ziza has observed a direct correlation between the ability to let go of emotional patterns and the amount of colon plaque that clients have shed.
  • Body Mind therapy is the perfect complement to physical colon cleansing.

by Ziza Fernandes Sagy, Licensed Reflexologist


Feet and reflexologyFeet and reflexology