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Family Yoga Holiday

We were so delighted to meet and help each of the lovely families in the stories below.


Family Yoga Holiday July 2019:
Dear Ziza and Yair,
Thank you both for a wonderful Family Yoga Retreat week.
We very much appreciated the morning yoga, meditation and reflection sessions for the children, advanced yoga participants and a first-time yoga dad.
The retreat offered extremely tasty and diverse meals with great participant company.
During the week the different excursions in surrounding nature and towns allowed all to reflect and offered opportunities to stimulate personal awareness.
There was also plenty of time to explore, play and enjoy on your vast property.
It was a great group and we hope we can connect again. Thank you!
R, M, CS, AM & G from Basel


Family Yoga Holiday July 2019:
To arrive at the beautiful place that Ziza and Yair have created is to arrive at home. We had the joy of participating in a family retreat that was both immediately intimate and engaging, and yet spacious and generous enough to allow for plenty of time to relax, re-balance, and just be.
In the middle of nature, between bright flowers and tile mosaics, with a soundtrack of cicadas and goats, in a bright airy Yurt, we were able to live simply and yet we had everything we needed and more.
Ziza and Yair nourished us from head to toe, both in body and soul, and after only a week of daily yoga, healing powerful treatments and delicious, healthy food, I returned home feeling balanced, grateful and full of love.
There aren’t words to describe how special this experience was for me and my son. Ziza and Yair and their home will always be in my heart.


Family Yoga Holiday September 2017:
Hi Yair & Ziza,

It’s been a wonderful week with everyone at the Yoga Family Retreat. We found that the pace of the activities, the meals, the yoga and the environment were all in harmony to make this retreat very fulfilling and fun. Seeing my kids being really happy, feeling at home and enjoying their lives was just so relaxing.

Thank you for your vision and creation that made the Family Retreat an experience that will stay in our hearts forever.
Tim, Lyse-Anne, Arthur, Milan & Sequoia xox


Family Yoga Holiday August 2017:
The yoga retreat of 2017, with Yair, Ziza and Shanti, has been a fantastic experience for our family. We have all enjoyed it, equally, both the children and adults. We were delighted to participate in the great variety of activities that Yair – “the boss”, according to our middle son – was preparing for us (mostly with children) – where there has been no place for boredom. All of this without any stress, of any kind, in an unequaled environment, and with the company of two other lovely families; who have contributed to making the environment very special.

The children have enjoyed the freedom they had on the land; in addition, they have been busy at all times with activities encouraging their creativity and, of course, the pool has been a mandatory stop every day, to cool down while playing.

The healthy and delicious food that Ziza prepared, every day, and which reflected the great affection (and creativity) that she puts in the kitchen, was perfect. Thank you for looking after us so well!  At the end of each day, we went to bed happy and we slept like angels. In short, we have felt so at home.

Thanks to Yair for organizing everything and waking us up with his samurai techniques every morning, to Shanti for taking care of the children and developing their most artistic vein and to Ziza for taking care of everyone with their wonderful meals. We will repeat!!!
Goyo, Ana, Diego, Ivan, and Diana


Yoga Family Holiday August 2017:
A holiday to open the senses to nature in our family. We enjoyed this family break in full contact with nature. We had personal and professional treatment of Yair (who looked after a group of 10) and his family. Excellent food from Ziza and the coexistence with two great families.  There was nothing I did not like. Here you can adapt to everything. Whenever you accept and know the place where you go. The Yurt was big, very cozy and special. If I had the shower and the toilet inside, it would be perfect (especially for the nocturnal urgencies of the children).

• Very Good Accommodation & facilities
• Perfect Food
• Perfect Location
• Very Good Overall impression
• Very Good Quality of activity
• Very Good Value for money


Family Yoga Holiday August 2013:
Hi Yair and Ziza
In August 2013 our little family set out to the beautiful Andalucian region to join Yair and Ziza’a yoga retreat. We found a small oasis of paradise amidst the heat. In the beautiful space that Yair and Ziza have so lovingly created, there are fruit trees and wild herbs, beautiful views, and peace and calm. Ziza prepared delicious and wholesome food that we all enjoyed together in their exquisite hand-decorated courtyard. We had beautiful relaxing yoga each morning with Yair and plenty of time to enjoy the pool and the other adventures on offer in the region – rock climbing, kayaking, gorge-hiking, a visit to the nearby Zen Buddhist monastery, a visit to the Alhambra, and market in Orgiva. Our young kids emerged stimulated, excited and happy and we were completely relaxed and energised by the calmness and the special treatments that Yair and Ziza offer. Thank you for a truly magical week.
Lots of love

Dani and Saul and Micah and Jess