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with Yair

Yoga Classes with Yair – regularly over the last 5 Years:

Even though I walk regularly I was having problems because of muscle depletion in my legs.  Work-outs in a gym was not what I fancied, so I decided to give yoga with Yair a try.  That was nearly five years ago and I am still having once a week hourly sessions.  Now, not only has every muscle in my body  improved but my sense of inner well-being has also strengthened.  In addition, I have through Yair, that connection with, what I will simply call “All That Is”.  I am in my seventies and long may it continue.

Margaret Batt 2016




Yoga Classes with Yair: June 2016

I have been attending Yoga classes for a while before having two Yoga Therapy Classes with Yair, during the Detox Week and I must say that I have learned more in those two sessions than in one  year of collective Yoga classes. 
Yair sees immediately what part of the body is not placed correctly in the different postures and points it out.  So, that when you do your posture again you know if ‘yes or no’ you are doing it well and you can correct it. 
Besides, from the beginning, he explains some fundamentals in Yoga that I’ve never heard about and which are a way to understand better what part of the body you have to work on, whatever the posture. 
I recommend the Yoga Therapy Classs to everybody who wants to improve his or her yoga techniques. 

Yoga Classes with Yair – July 2016

‘Yair made his yoga classes fun and also interesting. Yair explained each pose clearly and also gave a good explanation to how the pose benifitted the mind and body. I learnt new poses which I will continue use in the future again!  Thank you so much.