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THE LOVE of Unusual Cooking


Today, nutrition and healing are high up on everyone’s agenda.  Providing both, THE LOVE of Unusual Cooking is a delicious collection of nutritiously healing vegetarian recipes.  After years of persuasion, Ziza Fernandes Sagy has finally produced a unique and treasured gift.  Simple to follow, there are a wide selection of deliciously colourful and nutritious recipes.  The book is visually appealing, and the style and format, are very easy to use while cooking.

Threaded throughout, Ziza shares her wonderful childhood memories.  Born in Israel, in the Kibbutz, food and cooking were her play-ground. Even today, she can still easily recall the wonderful cooking smells, textures and tastes!   Each of Ziza’s recipes demonstrate how much her childhood has influenced her cooking style.  Ziza cooks intuitively and she recommends that her readers be creative and play with her recipes – have fun!  As you begin to connect with each dish, you will also start to cook more intuitively; from your heart.

About the Author

In addition to her love for cooking, Ziza is a healer and yoga teacher.  Along with her husband, Yair Sagy, she owns, Armonia Alpujarra Healing Retreat Centre, in Spain.  Nutrition is a fundamental part of the Healing Retreats they offer.  Her healing recipes, coupled with fresh locally grown produce, help to support in rejuvenating body, mind and soul.  Meal times are a highlight of every retreat!

Ziza and Yair now offer Yoga and Cooking Retreats.  Cooking classes are very unique and include Ziza’s healing recipes, food preparation, combining and presentation; all influenced by her Middle Eastern and Spanish cooking experiences.

Cooking is Ziza’s meditation, bringing her peace and joy!

With a lifetime of cooking experience, it is to everyone’s delight that she finally decided to share all her wisdom and kitchen secrets and has produced: THE LOVE of Unusual Cooking.

Enjoy, create and let cooking be your meditation – you are a dancer and the kitchen is your stage